Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability — principle according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate, or be made available again in the future.

That’s what it says in the dictionary. But what does that have to do with us? A lot, because even if we have not (yet) been able to implement it in all areas, we strive every day to optimize our ecological footprint.

Our guests can actively support us in this effort!

The sustainability concept is very simple: for two nights or more, we donate 3 percent of the total room price to various environmental protection projects if the guest specifies when registering that the room does not need to be cleaned every day during their stay.

We are currently supporting the NABU Vogelhotel Falkenstein, the Kitzrettung Rheingau-Taunus e.V. and the Blühendes Bad Camberg project, which aims to improve the food supply for bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects.

What we are already doing

Light sources

Of course, we rely on LED technology for the lighting, which is used everywhere in the house. In addition, the lamps in the corridors and in all public areas are controlled by timers.

Electricity and gas

Of course, we use green electricity that comes 100 percent from renewable energy sources such as water and wind power plants and solar energy.

Heating/air conditioning

Conventional heating and air conditioning systems are resource and cost intensive. That’s why we decided to equip our rooms with cooling and heating blankets. They are characterized by a particularly pleasant room climate, significant energy savings through closed water and air circuits and special hygiene, since they do not emit any additional dust or germs. Our guests suffering from allergies particularly benefit from this.


Our beds are from Wonderland – Beds of Norway. Wonderland box spring beds have a long service life and all individual components are very easy to replace and recycle. A special highlight is Wonderland RECYCLABLE, an OEKO-TEX© certified textile made from by-products of the petrochemical industry. In addition, no water is used in production.

It almost goes without saying that the beds are characterized by excellent sleeping comfort.

Food and drinks

For our breakfast buffet, we buy products such as jam, honey, cereals, milk and coffee from regional retailers, sometimes even directly from the producer. This saves us a lot of CO2 due to the short distances and our guests benefit from the excellent taste of seasonal food. A strawberry only tastes really aromatic when it is in season.

What else are we trying to do?

When it comes to cleaning agents, we make sure that they are based on natural raw materials and do not contain any allergenic substances or chemicals. We only use conventional cleaning agents if there is no other way.
Consumables such as toilet paper and paper towels are made from 100 percent recycled paper. Our correspondence, invoices and contracts are also printed on recycled paper.

Do you have any tips or suggestions as to what else we could implement in terms of sustainability?
We really appreciate your feedback!